Summer Snowmen

We did some Christmas decorating today. Very early, yes, but in my defence it was entirely unpremeditated. In an effort to keep the kids engaged & amused – a daily challenge – we began making paper chains. One thing led to the next & suddenly we were on to snowflakes, that led, naturally, to snowmen. Then before I knew it these things were up on the windows & ceiling looking suspiciously Christmassy. Well.

To be honest I’m not so sure of these lurking summer snowmen. They are highly inappropriate guests at an Australian Christmas, and stink of longing for what can not be (dreams of a white Christmas, anyone?), however the kids enjoyed making them and seem to be enjoying wrecking them, and so I don’t think they’ll be around for long. In the end I think I will replace them with a branch full of perching red-browed finches, a sweet bird which has been visiting my garden recently. Christmassy? Sure, why not. Seasonal. Australian. Appropriate.


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