Itchy feet (& a series of life mottos)

I am really itching to get on our bus and get going.

For a long while I have felt stuck.  Long since before I got married.  In fact my solution was: Get married! Sort of helped…only a little bit.

Twenty-seven has been a kind of milestone.  I’ve had my babies, been successfully married for five years now (successful: we are pretty happy, have done our fighting – I mean, we really did our fighting – and have lasted five whole years!), I have a firmer grasp on who I am, what I like, the things I am interested in, I am anticipating studying (and hopefully, this time, finishing) a uni degree, adventure is at hand, an adventure we are embarking on together, all four of us, all together, I’m smarter, more sensible, much more sensible.

I guess in life everyone is bound to miss out on something, the nature of our limitedness ensures that, but I seriously missed out on knowing myself.  I think that’s a big one, and through life perhaps I’ll make it somewhat of a catch phrase: ‘Know Thyself’…and perhaps also: ‘Do Not Marry Before the Age of 25!’.

I mean, I married because I was in love, with my first love no less.  But I was inexperienced and confused and lacked a definite identity.  We worked it out though (hence the fighting), but it has been a real struggle. Inside myself and outside in our marriage.  All good though, we’ve moved on and here we are, two babies later!  And now I feel I finally know myself.

So I haven’t done too badly.  But adventure is seriously beckoning.

I have lived in this town (Technically I live 20mins outside of this town now, and have done for the last five years, but in every way, but where I sleep and garden and park my car, I live in Canberra.) for over 21 years now, and have only done a miniscule amount of travel: 2 weeks down the East Coast, 2 weeks in Tasmania & 3 glorious, solitudinous months in New Zealand, only about a month out of those 3 months were spent fairly alone and seeing the sights, oh, but boy do I treasure those months, they were a glorious facing of myself with myself, and there really is not a prettier country on this planet in which to do that very thing!

After that trip I returned home, ready to keep flying, but instead listened to advice and stayed put…serious detour.  Catch phrase number 3: ‘Never Listen to Advice you do not Agree with!’  Thing is, I had never learnt how not to listen to advice. I’d lived my life listening to advice.  That voice in my own heart just confused me, that’s all.

Well, anyway, let’s skip ahead eight years, which brings us here, where I, together with my attachments, am getting ready to fly on.

We are heading around Australia in a bus.  Whoopee.

First step: Get a Bus License (which actually means a truck license)

Second Step: Buy a Bus

Third Step: Get rid of all unnecessary stuff and hop on said bus!

My newly qualified Engineer husband can make it functional, I can make it pretty, and we can all make it a home.

The only thing I anticipate missing is my garden. Family and friends, yeah I will miss them, but I feel that’s kind of a non issue in this modern era of multi communication models. It’s all too easy to come back…later…anyway.  I am more excited about being just us, figuring life out on our own terms, making an adventure out of it.

I am still absolutely desperate to travel further afield, Europe in particular, but I am quenching that thirst with a new hobby which I have discovered I absolutely love: Learning Languages.  I am learning French, next Italian, then Indonesian (I think) and so on.  Finnish is on that list, but it being a very difficult language, with some words being literally the length of small sentences (!), it’s on the backburner, that’s for sure.

Another lesson learnt in that regard, which will be catch phrase number 4: ‘Follow your Heart!’

Seriously, I have had French on the brain since being a teenager, but never did much about it, so at the milestone age of 27 I’ve finally picked it up.  I must say that finally having a smart phone and the use of an app: French in a Month, has made it a thousand times easier and more fun than it might have been otherwise. I am really enjoying it.

Kirsty Sword Gusmao learnt both Indonesian and Italian at university, an odd mix, but both, amazingly, came into use as she was assisting in the independenc of East Timor, work which led her to her husband the first President of East Timor.  So you never know where your peculiar choices will lead you. Choices which those around you may not understand and advise you against, choices which, perhaps, even you may not understand, but choices which your heart has directed. So, yes, follow your heart, please do…and I also will attempt to follow mine.

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