Christmas Decorating

This year I managed to somehow enjoy the Christmas decorating process and I think it’s because I did not make it a task to DO, but a long drawn out process to enjoy.  Doing something small & Christmassy weekly extends the holiday joy, so I think this is definitely the way to do it.

Here’s our window, it’s coming together.

You will notice those snowmen are gone (they lasted less than 24 hours!), but I’m thankful for that. I love our replacement, so native, the kids LOVED putting them up, and are being very good about not touching this time.

I will concede that this window is pretty busy, but I don’t think I mind that. Christmas is all about masses of decorations, anyway.

And the greatest thing about all of this is: it’s totally handmade, and the kids helped with all of it.

We began with the paper chains. I cut strips of coloured paper, which we then glued around eachother to make chains.

We all played around cutting out shapes to make the snowflakes, and I managed to rescue most of them to make passable snowflakes.

The hanging decorations were easy.  I cut out Christmas shapes, Soph & I punched holes around the edges then I made pipecleaner needles, threaded some silk thread through, tied a knot in the end and they just knocked themselves out sewing through the holes. (I did do a couple myself, can you tell?)

The birds were are my favourite part. Like a flash of inspiration I had them on my mind to make them for this window. This bird (the red-browed finch) has been coming into our garden to feed recently.  They are a bird I’ve never seen before so they struck me immediately.  Their red and greeny/gold plummage is so Christmassy it must just have all connected in there somewhere.

I did draw the birds and coloured them in (just texta – nothing fancy), the kids coloured in cut out paper scraps for the branches and (two!) leaves. I’m very happy with the scribbled end result.  I didn’t want them to be perfect, I want them to look homemade and I particularly want them to look like the kids have chipped in, which they have, so it works for me.

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