About Me

I am a writer, photographer and passionate urbanist based in Canberra, ACT.


This used to be my photography site (and you can still find remnants of this), now the focus of this blog is that of exploring ways we can move toward a future that is able to be supported by the planet we live on. This is not a hippie manifesto nor an apocalyptic forecast but is actually integral to living satisfying and rich lives – and not just in the economic sense.

Having (almost) completed studies in Sustainable Development and Community Development I like to look beyond the obvious to find the trends and systemic influences in the way we live.

This is important as, currently, the Western world finds itself doing the same things over and over and somehow expecting different results, perhaps hoping that intention alone will fix the problems of several decades.

I think that looking after the environment is the paramount issue of our time. We have so many resources to enable us pursue a lifestyle that doesn’t impact so significantly on our earth, but so often we choose not to take this route because of expense, convenience or old ways of thinking. I’m most interested in taking the abstract knowledge about these issues and applying them to the reality of our daily lives. Education, good governance and innovative business are important in addressing many issues of sustainability.

A few of my driving thoughts

I am a fan of Martin Buber’s I-Thou approach.

I think permaculture is a good way to go (permanent + agriculture = food/cloth/habitat production designed to last indefinitely) and am particularly excited about how these principles can apply to cities in order to sustain them and their inhabitants indefinitely.

Honesty and integrity are my determinants.

I advocate for a ‘nested’ economy that is located within community, in turn supported by the ecosystem surrounding it – not an economy that greedily takes over. Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics is a worthy read in this area.

You can have your fancy electric car, but a bicycle is the most efficient form of transport. No wonder it’s also the world’s most popular.

Some random facts

  • I mostly wear thrifted clothes which I alter and mend myself.
  • Because of this I have come to LOVE seamstress-ing.
  • The only makeup I have ever owned (and still use very occasionally) is ten years old (makeup is fairly packaging heavy).
  • My dear dad is a guitar maker! Seriously, I am very proud of his talent. Check him out at jari.com.au.
  • My family and I spent 2 years renovating an old Bedford to go around Australia. It’s still not-quite-done and we haven’t yet gone around Australia! It ended up being an adventure of a different sort.
  • According to DuoLingo I am 50% fluent in French (I’m still pretty useless without the app, but I’m pretty proud that I’ve maintained my DuoLingo hobby over the years).
  • There is still WAY too much plastic going through my house and I hate that fact (We fill one wheelie bin every month or two).
  • I really think us privileged Westerners should be talking more about how the luxuries we expect are actually ultimately destroying our only home. Flight for example. (and another)
  • I quite enjoy a good personality “box” and my Myers Briggs is INFJ, which rang so many sweet bells for me when I could read about myself. What? Anyway.


These days I prefer to incorporate photography with my writing, and see it simply as a means of communication. However I do still welcome family photography sessions. You can go to my Book In page to contact me.

Social Media

Here are some things to read/watch about Social Media: this, this and this. I’m quite interested in the psychology of the whole thing – they say it’s like having a slot machine in your back pocket! Something to treat with care, surely!

Warm Love!