Currently filling the full-time roles of mum to three children and being the partner-in-living-and-thriving to the handiest urban peasant that I know, I strive to live to the simple edict:
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The rich must live more simply, so the poor may simply live. [Ghandi]

In past times I’ve been a wedding and family photographer, event organiser, a student of sustainable and community development, business administrator, a practice manager in the medical industry and, in the distant past, waitress at an old school Greek Milk Bar.

My passions are understanding the dominant modes of economic thinking and how this is affecting human behaviour and wellbeing, eschewing luxury and unnecessary consumerism for the sake of pursuing more meaningful activities in an active life, raising happy, healthy, productive children, while seeking connection to our life source through actively submitting to pursuits such as playing with natural materials in many forms (clay, wool, cotton, plants, food grown from the earth, etc). I’m constantly on the look out for the next best way I can enroll my skills and spirit in service to the preservation and enhancement of our natural environment, our most crucial foundation for all of life and the living of it!

Canberra Photographer

I still casually photograph and I would welcome your inquiry if you are inclined toward a style of photography which is very much ‘real’, natural and candid. Go to my Book In page for more of the practical details. You can also read more about my photography ethos here.

Social Media

Please note that I am not on social media because of this, this and this, among, many, many other reasons! Social media can be a useful tool, but I am all too aware of it’s all-consuming potential and, as a mum trying to set a good example to my children and be fully present in these fleeting years, I consciously decided to omit its use from my personal life just over a year ago. It’s been such a lovely mental switch that I think it’s now a pretty permanent position! I can highly recommend going Social-Media-Free as a positive lifestyle choice. :)

Warm Love!