Hi There! Thanks for visiting my online world. Here I am during one of our annual camping trips. It’s probably my favourite thing to do these days, with hubby and kids in tow. We all love it! There’s nothing like a dose of nature and utter peace and quiet!

A few facts about me:

I call myself a relationship photographer. My principle aim when photographing an event is to capture moments between people over any other kind of detail. You might have the most beautiful wedding straight from the pages of Pinterest, but ultimately, for me (and I hope for you), it’s people that matter and the love and joy that can flow between us. I’ve photographed over 50 weddings so far (I’m beginning to lose count), both as an assistant and principle photographer. My favourite part of the day is right at the end when the dancing starts! There’s nothing like watching the oldies boogying away on the dance floor to pep you up after a full day on your feet, everyone loosens up and barriers come down! I love to get dancing photos!

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Being invited into people’s lives is an incredible privilege and one which I do not take for granted. Photography, for me, is a way to capture your relationships with your dear ones and I seek to honour that with every click of the shutter, whether it’s a family session or a wedding shoot.


Something I am passionate about is helping you capture the moments in your life where a photographer can’t go, like when you go camping (for example). I am absolutely passionate about helping you come to terms with your camera and begin taking your own great photos of your daily life. See my workshop page on how you could participate in that!

Canberra Photographer

I photograph between and within and around the Canberra Region. If you consider yourself to live in this area then I will most likely be able to photograph you and your family, I will also travel further afield with a travel fee. My focus areas are family photography, wedding photography, children photography and birth photography and…basically people and their relationships…Go to my Book In page for more of the practical details.

Come say hi!

If you think my photography would be a good match for you, your wedding or your family, then please go ahead and make first contact! I love to meet new people.

Warm Love!