Hi there,

I am a writer and photographer currently based in Canberra, ACT.


My focus is on moving toward a future that is able to be supported by the planet we live on. This is not a hippie manifesto nor an apocalyptic forecast but is actually integral to living satisfying and rich lives – and not just in the economic sense.

Having (almost) completed studies in Sustainable Development and Community Development I like to look beyond the obvious to find trends and the systemic causes and consequences of seemingly mundane actions.

This is important as, currently, the Western world finds itself doing the same things over and over and somehow expecting different results, perhaps hoping that intention alone will fix the problems of several decades.

My approach to every issue is, what I call, dialogical. This approach is based on the philosophies of Martin Buber who speaks of the I-Thou relationship. That is, recognising the human soul in each individual encountered and truly listening and engaging with them to understand true motives, desires and the comprehension of each person. This approach, to me, most truly recognises the complexity of what it means to be a human being. I am uncomfortable calling myself a “Feminist”, “Leftist”, “Conservative”, “Buddhist”, “vegan”, “omnivore” – any classification really, and instead find myself cherry picking from each philosophy when faced with different scenarios. In such a polarised world I do believe this is a good approach which allows me integrity.


These days I prefer to incorporate photography with my writing, however I do still welcome small photography sessions. You can go to my Book In page for more of the practical details. You can also read more about my photography ethos here.

Social Media

Please note that I am not on social media because of this, this and this,¬†among, many, many other reasons! Social media can be a useful tool, but I am all too aware of it’s all-consuming potential and its unique ability to polarise people over issues. It is not (as mentioned above) an I-Thou approach to relationships, but, sure, can augment existing relationships.

*Update: am on Instagram just to trial until end of February.

Warm Love!