I have been described as a neopeasant in times past and I utilised my time out of the paid workforce, as a full-time mum and homemaker, to investigate grass-roots approaches to reducing consumption and, therefore, the environmental load which my family placed on the earth’s support systems (I also found that a so called ‘simple’ lifestyle improved our health and changed where we found meaning in life, an area of understanding that I have continued to pursue with interest).

This search for the low impact good life led us to renovate a 1970’s Bedford Bus into a motorhome running on solar power, a project which wove through several years, diving in and out of our pockets and stretching our resources. I’m glad to say that it is now nearing completion with a 2019 end date in sight!

My investigations into the average Western lifestyle, often funded by two incomes per family (which ours was not) which prioritises consumption and emphasises “Homo Economicus” as the defining characteristic of humankind, also led me into a Sustainable Development Degree which grew in me a strong interest in urban planning, economics and small business all of which are underpinned by a passion for understanding human psychology and the pursuit for meaning in individual lives.

I have been active in community groups such as Landcare and Greening Australia, blogged extensively for several years, written articles for local publications and various blogs and created website content for small businesses. Recently I became involved in the Canberra organisation of SEE-Change, sitting on their board from 2018 onward. Working collaboratively to engage people in active citizenship is something that I truly enjoy doing!