Portraits on an album

It’s been two years to the day since the release of The Burley Griffin’s eponymous album which, I am happy to say, featured photography by me of my father and nephew (also lead singer, Evan Buckley’s nephew). Although I am incredibly thankful to have some of my photography out and about in the world in this way I did nothing at the time to mark this occasion apart from attending and dancing at the album’s launch, which was, in itself, pretty fantastic. So here then, in gratitude and to mark the anniversary of what, I think, is a wonderful album, are the photos I took of my dad and my nephew.

It was quite an involved but thoroughly enjoyable process to work with Evan to get the feeling of these photos exactly right. We looked over literally hundreds of images and went through dozens upon dozens of edits to get it just right. In the end it wasn’t quite what he initially expected (he imagined getting the right image from an older nephew, but in the end his youngest captured the feeling he wanted in this album), but it was just what he wanted. We contrasted gritty and pure, weathered and fresh, sharpness and softness and darkness and light in order to create a package that reflected on all these things which are also contained in The Burley Griffin’s songs.

Photo by The Burley Griffin

The album is still able to be purchased through Bandcamp and Evan still actively performs as a solo act and occasionally under the auspices of The Burley Griffin as well.