Canberra’s Homeward Bound Women

It was a pleasure and a privilege to interview Susan, Nicole, Aparna and Madeline for City News recently. You can read the interview here.

When I met Madeline I was immediately enthused to learn about the leadership program which accepts STEM (the common abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) women from around the world to mentor and equip for future leadership in a world where “mother nature needs her daughters”. After a year of mentoring Homeward Bound then takes these women on a journey to Antarctica for further intensive training, networking and to fall in love with one of the furthest corners of the planet.

I really resonated with Nicole’s comment that, “of course it should be based on love,” because I believe it too. It is falling in love with our beautiful planet home that is the motivation for changing the ways in which we live, for taking what might seem like a sacrificial hit in order to mitigate the damage we might otherwise perpetuate.

When we develop an actual relationship with the energy of the life around us then it becomes easier to do no harm. We see better the effects our actions might have on other living things and on the systems supporting us.

It’s great that scientific knowledge supports this and now leaders are being equipped to bring this knowledge and, hopefully, this relationship, to bear on the realms of government, education, society, business and other fields.