Mia Dyson

In Young, where I live, there is this super little cafe which has a long reach and a sharp ear. Art of Espresso not only makes THE best coffee I’ve ever tasted, but also has it’s ear to the ground when it comes to independent music in Australia. Every country town needs a cafe/venue like this! Adrian manages to find and bring all sorts of sensational singer-songwriters to this small town which is just embracing each act with gusto! Mia Dyson and Young hit. it. off. In fact, though I’m late posting, Mia herself has recently been ‘discovered’ by Pink in California and I hope that she is receiving some well-deserved publicity, so maybe this timing is good? She is just magic. After her show myself and the guys from The Burley Griffin (my hubby’s band) have been listening to her music almost non-stop. If you haven’t seen her or heard of her, go and find out what you’ve been missing!


The Burley Griffin

The Burley Griffin are the best band in the world. Okay. I may be a little biased, but it’s true they are damn good. Their latest project, a new EP, actually their first as a fully formed band, proves just this. I’ve had the inside angle to a lot of their pre-production seeing as it’s all the dear husband can think about, talk about and play out (quite loudly) when he’s not ‘working’ and I can tell you with certainty that this album will be AMAZE-BALLS.
Seeing as you can’t hear it yet, just feast your eyes on these studio portraits for now (oh, what a privilege to have been there while they were doing this!).