Possum Visit

We have a ‘pet’ possum who lives in our roof.  Every now and then she thunders across our ceiling or over our roof.  There is a tree right up against our house and it forms a bridge to the plum tree at our fence.  That is where she feasts every night on plum leaves and whatever she can find on the lawn. We toss our apple cores under the tree and I guess she picks them up.  Actually, there are two. A mummy and a baby. I’m not sure if baby has grown up and left home, and I’m not sure if our visitor the other night was mum or bub, but it was one of them.

And actually, on thoughts, it might be that baby as Henry has been feeding it out of his hand since he was able to toddle away from his mummy months ago. And we fed this one.

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He also weed our food – after we had eaten it all. It was perfect timing actually – if being weed on can be thought of like that. Pete and Jen had just taken the last bun and filled it with the Philly Cheese Steak filling, noone was sitting at the table at this point and then down came a shower! We couldn’t eat any more of that Cheese Steak, but there wasn’t much there, and when you have dogs and chooks food is rarely wasted – especially steak. Chester was pleased!

Speaking of chooks. We have them no more. We were oh so sad to see our lovely chickens off to Pete and Jens new place this night.  They are the loveliest chickens I’ve ever had.  We are only happy because we have sent them to a good home. We are very happy about that.

Today is full of cleaning blinds, flyscreens, bathroom and prepping for Sophias party.  Goals. Wish me luck!

Even though we are having a  PINK party, she is dead set on a Merry-Go-Round cake, and so, thanks to Canon Creative Park, I am making a paper merry go round for the top. This week is not the week for complicated cake decorating! I just hope I get it all done. If I get off the internet now I guess I will! Farewell.

If things go quiet, you will know that I am caught up with the move.


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