It’s been fairly quiet, with hubby out working and many little things to do. Gradual de-cluttering (it is hard letting go of stuff isn’t it, but it sure does feel liberating when you do! – evidence of a slowly changing awareness.), cleaning, writing, studying, teaching (kiddies), walking, playing, party planning cooking, all that…and, oh, catching up with the dearest of friends who have come back to Canberra. That has been wonderfully refreshing.

I was sad not to take pictures of the mid morning – stretching into mid afternoon – ‘brunch’ we had with these friends. It was such a precious time with us four couples who so naturally and sweetly slot together, whose children play very well together, who so comfortably talk about anything with no judgement, but perhaps a bit of laughing at ourselves and at each other, which friends are so good for, all of it couched in love.

I’ve found I’ve grown the most through these committed, loving, natural friendships where the stretch is gentle and self-awakening. And so I assume, by being involved in these most beautiful of friendships the growth occurs all around, and my only hope is that everyone has wonderful friends like I do.

That was Easter Friday.

Today we are couching it in, the kids are having a video day. I’ve been making sure not to give them any TV time except when needed and so we intentionally go days without any videos, so that I can give them a big sit in with some fun videos without any guilt!!

Here’s a glimpse through our week, showing you how we got to this day where we are going to sit on our bottoms all day and r e s t.

Chronicles 20001

It started with this beautiful ringlet on this beautiful forehead. Chronicles 20002

We dropped their daddy off at the Governor General House open day to work, and we ducked next doorish to my Nonnas house with their Nonna (my mum) and went for a walk through ‘the forest’. Autumnal colours are just beginning to emerge.

Chronicles 20003 Chronicles 20004 Chronicles 20007 Chronicles 20008Sophia, of course, found a tree to climb.
Chronicles 20010 Chronicles 20011 Chronicles 20012

And daddy found them.Chronicles 20013 Chronicles 20015

I really love this man.
Chronicles 20017

I’ve started my early morning running up again. Now that the weather has cooled off, and my favourite fogs and sharp, crisp morning air are back to greet me in the morning, it is something I anticipate and savour. The earliest mornings are the best of times.Chronicles 20018

And the Folk Festival.  It’s an annual family event. The boys band played. I spent a bit of time chasing kids around – meaning: no pictures, sadly. I took a few afterwards when Henry was free to help. He has a calming influence on the children, I don’t know what I’d do without him sometimes.Chronicles 20019 Chronicles 20020

Gunther tried his hand at ‘daddys work’. We have a picture of Sophia doing this at the Folk Festival four years ago. She was five days old.Chronicles 20021

Look at her today. We tried to join in on the dancing, but Soph was too tired to enjoy it. She was clamouring to go home, which we shortly did.Chronicles 20022 Chronicles 20023 Chronicles 20024

But not before doing a few essential jumps.

Chronicles 20025


And here we are. Movie day. Thank you very much. I’m ready for this day.

Happy Easter all.



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