Perfect houses.

I really liked this quote from here.

White is great when it’s a color amongst other colors, but when it’s meant only to contain, suppress, and keep other colors at bay, you may want to resist its temptation. Our lives aren’t “pure” and “perfect,” and our homes don’t have to be either.

I’m not huge on interior decorating, my homes just ending up a collection of the things I have and find, rather than a purposeful project.  I do appreciate beautiful homes and I have definite ideas about our future home (which, in my mind, features mostly natural materials, feeling unable to improve on nature).

But this quote summarizes a lot of what a feel about life.  Our lives are not perfect and we shouldn’t try to pretend they are.

I’m sure I will talk about this in future, as one thing coming up in my uni course is the emergence of ‘the working poor’, those who accept and get into mahoosive amounts of debt in order to have large and perfect (and unsustainable) homes.  Apparently Australians have always been like this as witnessed and commented on by Charles Darwin in his 1836 visit:

“…the whole population, poor and rich, are bent on acquiring wealth…the number of large houses and other buildings just finished is truly surprising; nevertheless everyone complains of the high rent and the difficulty of acquiring a home.”

From “Sydney/Purgatorio,” by Craig San Roque in Psyche and the City, Edited by Thomas Singer, as quoted in Linley Luttons Viva la Revolution (2010)

So, this phenomenon has been around for a long time and I wonder if the tide can be turned simply by consumers refusing to endorse these exorbitant amounts of debt and build smaller houses more within their limits.

Really, there is much more to life than living in perfect, large houses.

P.S. It’s good to be back on this blog. We have been very busy and tired from packing up our home. We have basically managed to fit all of our worldly possessions on the back of a truck (a very small truck – basically a glorified ute!), and Henry still thinks we could get rid of more. Hopefully life will settle into a rhythm once more. We are moving to Young, NSW in two days and will settle there for 6-8 weeks while we build our bus – talking about small homes!


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