This week I have been thankful for good friends.

I was lucky enough to go to Corinbank this weekend.  Sadly, hubby couldn’t make it as he was drowning in assessment and looking forward to a week of tests.  So it was just me and the kids in our swag – which was surprisingly comfortable. I do love our swag.

So anyway. Me, kids, sans husband, but plus several wonderful friends.







(On the farmost right hand side is our swag.)

I am a very lucky lady to be surrounded by this mob.

I was thinking a little bit about friends recently.  Thinking about how wonderful it is that, even though I have my faults and they have their faults, we can all lovingly put up with eachother whilst also gently pushing eachother to change or think of other view points – when they sense with their special spidey-friend-sense when the right time to do that pushing is, or possibly, more correctly, when it really is NOT the right time to bring such matters up.

I have my faults; God knows it, I know it, husband knows it, but the best I can do with those faults sometimes is to laugh about them and laugh at myself.

God help me if I ever take myself too seriously.  God help my friends if I ever do!  I think it is hard to be friends with someone who takes themself too seriously and refuses to either alter or laugh at oneself.

And I don’t think that you always have to change per se, but it is very important to know that you are not always right, and if you find you can’t change it is important to take yourself lightly and tolerate your own peccadilloes graciously.  That’s for sure.

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