Our mindset is adapting to a nomadic lifestyle we will be taking up in April/May next year.  We are preparing ourselves to ‘rough it’, albeit in a Solar Powered Motorhome complete with kitchen, toilet, shower and beds, glorious beds!  I feel like last weekend was our first taste of what this will be like, as, though we’ve camped out before, this time we undertook it with the full understanding that this lifestyle was coming upon us very quickly.

It was glorious, truly, glorious, to cook by our campfire, by gas lamplight, to put the kids to sleep in their car bed (a brainwave, as one of our swags was unusable), to wake up from my dozing by Henry shooing of the biggest fox he’d ever seen, who left reluctantly, to eat some chocolate together by the campfire under the stars while the kids slept and finally to wake in the cold in the middle of our patch of temperate rainforest.  It was such a refreshment to me, as I have been struggling with our morning routine at home for a while.  It brought me back to the reality of family life, love, life experience, exploring through my childrens eyes while being able to show them new things about the world.

I do just love, deeply, intrinsically, the natural world and I can not imagine living without access to the great natural regions of our planet.  Regions that have thankfully been saved by conscientious governments and those fringe & passionate greenie groups.  We stopped off at the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park in Tasmania on our honeymoon, and I am grateful for the effort of those initial Greens for their persistence in saving such a beautiful natural sanctuary.  I wish there was more of such landscape and less of our offensive modern edifices and contrivances.


2 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Thanks for the follow Talitha. I’m really interested to hear more about the adventures with the family, living the nomadic life and enjoying simple pleasures. All the best for 2013.

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