Sutton Hall

We were married in an old woolshed.  It had a history and reeked of Lanolin and the ingrained dirt of a working sheep station I loved its ‘realness’.  When we moved out to Sutton once we were married I was thrilled to see a woolshed type building just across the Sutton Reserve, which we lived directly opposite.  Having been married in one I considered myself to have some affinity with woosheds everywhere.  However, I soon found out that this one  is and never has been a woolshed.  As far as I know it was built purposely as the Sutton Village Hall a place to get married, celebrate birthdays, vote & hold the monthly Sutton District Community Association meetings.  The Community Association is an industrious one.  I have gotten to know several of the members through playing tennis with the local tennis group.  It is the one community sport which I can find and is open to all, so join it I recently did, though I knew nothing about tennis at the time. I now know something, but not much.


The Community Association has managed to tremendously improve the hall and the Sutton Reserve while we have lived here.  The hall has sprouted a new staircase and deck, trimmings have turned a dark burgundy, trees have sprouted around the hall in strategic locations.  All results, I suppose of the Community Associations biddings.

The hall has a resident population of rabbits and the entrances and exits are found all around the underneath of the hall embedded in the vibrant red clay on which it sits.

My children and I love the rabbits and watch for them when we go walking.  I love how children are always excited by such simple sightings.  The wonder of such things seems to, too often, escape adults.  I often think about how large the Halls rabbit population is, I wonder how extensive their warrens under the hall are.  This is not Peter Rabbit soil, they are lucky to make a dent in it with their long claws, so probably their living spaces are much more cramped than flopsy, mopsy & cottontails were.


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