Let me share and record here some words of Kevin McCloud which could easily apply to us:

“I did think that (So & So) wouldn’t get this far. I thought they were far too inexperienced and far too reckless with their money. But then inexperience and recklessness are the two main requirements for the classic, Eccentric Adventurer…and that’s who they are. They have that single-mindedness. They have the stamina to continually redefine what it is exactly that they want and they are always willing to have a go. Of course they’ll finish this place. Of course they’ll live here happily. It’s a beautiful house and it reflects the quirky, curvy people they are.”

I am finding new encouragement in Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs. I see people there pursuing similar goals to ours. I see people undecided on the details because they respect their building enough to try to get those details absolutely right, there is a kind of love investment in their work. Sometimes the money and the time it takes to get those things right does not matter because the alternative is to either do it shoddily or give up and neither of those are options.

The ethos of these people inspires me. One guy: “It was never built as a money making scheme. It was built to be a sort of experiment in, you know, life.”

And that is one side of the coin. It is playing around with the options life offers us, it is also creating and investing something into this world that, hopefully, will prove worthwhile on some level. I like the fact that we are doing something different. I hate that it is taking so long, but all that disappears when we are on our bus, building it or discussing the details and redefining our objective.

Our living arrangements have recently changed, but our focus is still centered around our bus and getting it finished and finishing it well. Juggling parenting with this project is a major challenge, but we are hoping our new move into a rental in Young will enable more routine and some family time away from the bus. We are aiming for more structure in 2014 and embracing new beginnings.

I won’t pretend this last 10months hasn’t been difficult. It’s been bloody hard. I have felt (at varying times) trapped, frustrated, angry, irritated, controlled, disrespected and all sorts of things like that. At the same time Henry and I have drawn closer than we ever have before and even though I was often frustrated at him (and he at me) we have worked through every instance of that, communicated and moved on. We have held fast to each other as no one else was around to take our loads, so supporting each other through this tricky time has been incredibly good for our relationship.

I would not recommend living with other people (especially with young children) for such an extended period.¬† Kids can be confronting and tiring, particularly to older people. Most people do need space, I’ve learnt that, at least!


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