The Mulberries are in season in Young and we have been gorging ourselves daily. I can never understand those fad diets that exclude fruit. I mean…look at this! A tree bursting with fruit just cries out to be eaten. It is just plain common sense. I have been a fruit eater all my life and fruit is good. I have a healthy appreciation for all things fruit. Mm, Yum.

Eating fruit straight from the tree is a simple pleasure that is one of life’s luxuries. I am so thankful to my in-laws for planting these rows of fruit trees, they had a thought to the future and we are the benefactors.

This was a happy moment in our day, the kind of moment I relish as a family. I love being together but not…if you know what I mean. We are together enjoying some things, say the outdoors, the weather, food but we are also separately, happily interdependently, enjoying our own things. Sophia munching mulberries, Gunther having an outside bath and hubby and I watching and delighting/working on the bus. All happy, all together, but also enjoying the world around us, the kids gaining independence and learning to enjoy their own company, which is so important.

On the bus side of things we have made much tangible progress. Three bathroom walls are in, still wrapped in plastic (we can’t wait for the great unveiling and hope the colours all work together), and not shown here, one of the kid’s bunk walls are in along with the bottom bunk’s framing.



2 thoughts on “Mulberries

  1. Love the mulberry mouth. I have a memory from school, where we had a mulberry tree near the sports field. We would gorge ourselves whilst waiting for our turn to bat. The only problem was that our sports uniforms were white.
    Oh and big excitement.. I found a mulberry tree yesterday, in a back lane on my walk to work. Guess what I’m having for morning tea today.

  2. We had a mulberry tree at my primary school too. I don’t remember anyone ever eating them (I think it was too high) but ladies used to come and collect the leaves for their silk worms.
    Mm yum. Mulberries are absolutely perfect picked fresh from the tree! I hope you can enjoy them for a while, ours seem to just keep coming and coming. :)

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