On my last visit to Canberra I took a day out to drive to Mittagong to visit my Grandma. She lives in a very spick and span house on the outskirts of the town.  The great boon of the day was driving with my sister the two hours to get there, it was so nice to just be able to chat with her for a couple of hours.

It was also awesome to pop into the Sturt Gallery where my friend, Haeli, has a residency where she is sculpting some giant beasties. I love her artwork. This woman! Somehow she manages to undertake huge artworks whilst having the most chilled out of babies as her constant companion. I am in awe. That was a skill I was never quite able to muster, being perhaps more highly strung…? I don’t know. It is hard to examine oneself. All I know is that this mum does it well and all I can do is admire it from afar.

Mittagong001 Mittagong002 Mittagong003 Mittagong004 Mittagong005 Mittagong006 Mittagong007 Mittagong008 Mittagong009 Mittagong010 Mittagong011 Mittagong012 Mittagong013 Mittagong014 Mittagong015 Mittagong016 Mittagong017 Mittagong018


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