Keeping Kids Busy

These last few weeks I’ve felt like a piece of elastic stretched between two incompatible opposites: a child’s world and the world of power tools and sharp, pointy and fragile things.

In between helping build I run to check on children or set them up with some game or other which will keep them busy for a few minutes.

We’ve built a cubby house under a tree where they happily and imaginatively hang out together, set up a playground using things around the yard, encourage lots of sand-pit, collecting and dirt-digging play, but by far the best game we’ve come up with is The Expedition.

Here’s how it goes:

1. Draw a map

2013 7 22 Kids Playing0007

2. Make some ‘treasure’. I put two teaspoons into a ‘treasure chest’ which they found in their sandpit then hid two fruit & jelly cups in their cubby house. 2013 7 22 Kids Playing00042013 7 22 Kids Playing00022013 7 22 Kids Playing0003

3. Hand the map over to the kids

2013 7 22 Kids Playing0006

4. Off they go!

2013 7 22 Kids Playing0008 2013 7 22 Kids Playing0009 2013 7 22 Kids Playing0010  2013 7 22 Kids Playing00122013 7 22 Kids Playing0011


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