We’re still here. Hoeing the garden.  Feeding the ducks. Chasing cats. Spotlighting possums.

2013 6 19 Young Update0001

Testing our solar hot water. It works.2013 6 19 Young Update0004

Finding tunes to work by.2013 6 19 Young Update0005

Another lovely view from our roof.2013 6 19 Young Update0006

I was doing this. It’s done now! And painted. It looks handsome with a hat.2013 6 19 Young Update0007

This hen is no longer. A fox got to her. The last of the thirty that once were…2013 6 19 Young Update0008

Somehow the ducks live on. Probably because they are inseparable.

I love ducks! They ‘quack quack quack’ and wiggle their bottoms into their pen. Cute.2013 6 19 Young Update0010

Anyone for cheap insulation? We are stuffing the foam from banged up fridge doors and wind surfboards – of all things! – into the walls and filling the gaps with expandafoam. It works.2013 6 19 Young Update0011 2013 6 19 Young Update0012

Our grey goose. Top is white and the side is just hanging in there until we get around to it. All in good time my friends.2013 6 19 Young Update0013 2013 6 19 Young Update0014 2013 6 19 Young Update0015 2013 6 19 Young Update0016 2013 6 19 Young Update0020 2013 6 19 Young Update0021

This lifestyle is nice.  I was tramping the wheelbarrow past the duck pen through the wet grass and wholeness filled me. If you’ve never tried this kind of lifestyle, don’t knock it. It really is fulfilling. Being involved in nature – that place that is essential to survival, that place from which all our nourishment comes from, air, food, water – is extremely grounding.

Hard work of the physical kind eliminates boredom, makes us use our bodies for what they were made for – just to be used! To do things! – reduces depression, stops us thinking about our problems and withdrawing into ourselves. I can’t see anything but good to be gotten out of hard work and caring for the things the people the land the animals all around us.

Anyway, it is fulfilling and I am finding it a refreshingly honest way to live.  I could see myself tramping around a paddock to feed the ducks, muck out the pigs, grow some crops. It’s fun getting dirty. I’d like to turn some of this lovely soil into food before we hop on our bus and tootle off.


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