Blogs that excite me

I have discovered a couple of blogs that are really exciting me.

First I found Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar, a recipe book a friend of mine has just discovered and is using.

That led me to :mnmlist which in turn led me to Zen Habits.

Wow. These blogs make the rest of the internet look dull. They use the internet for the best of purposes: Communication and the sharing of ideas. Not just: the making of money, using readers to get advertisers to get money.

It’s just nice.

These are popular blogs. I’ve only just found them.

I particularly like these posts:

The best goal is no goal (something I have been becoming convinced about myself over the years. Goals can create stress. Goals can make us thunder over other people in order to achieve our own ambitions. Goals can stop us seeing the beauty on the way. If you’re a parent you might have experienced this. I sure did. My kids suffered when I had a goal I just had to achieve in spite of them. That was not good and so I stopped having these admittedly pointless & selfish goals that were actually not making my or their lives any happier. Now I am even more convinced than before.)

Uncopyright (This is exciting because it’s a new way to think about our ideas.  I truly hope the world will move away from economic drives. We are becoming to populous and there are just too many new ideas to patent. If we go on like this we will just be stuck, unable to do anything for ourselves, always having to check before winking. Things are changing. Fleet foxes thank piracy for their success, and I wonder if Plato had blogged all his thoughts and copyrighted them, would they  have had the same influence on the world?)

Wanting Stuff.

And I love this post related to parenting. It embodies many things I aim for in my parenting. Things that I don’t always communicate very well.

These are some favourites I found, but with ten or so years of blog posts collectively, there’s a lot of good stuff on these blogs. I could spend a lot of time here. But I won’t. Instead I’ll share it, with you. And now I’m going to go and play with my kids and breathe a little.

See ya.

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