A weekend turned into two or three

We came down two weekends ago. It was only supposed to be a few days. I was going to get my essay done. He was going to earn us some big bucks to sink into our little house-to-be-on-wheels. We have a fear of reaching the end of our funds before we reach the end of fixing our bus, effectively leaving us s t u c k . . . but…well, let’s not talk about that. It’s not gunna happen.

We will be victorious.

We will conquer this project.

Anyway. I was having so much fun, and I hadn’t yet finished said essay, that I decided to stick around until Hank had to come back for yet more work. Cut to a weekend later and the day before we are due to go back to Young again Henry gets a conveniently timed text asking if he wants a weeks work of cushy-public-service-wages working at the Canberra Theatre. He’s been asked many times before, but never been free. I wonder if he was technically free this time around?

Public Service work seems to mean lots of paperwork, lots of bureaucracy, very few tasks-per-person, all jobs neatly divided up and assigned, so that to do one thing requires several hands, effectively leaving no one person solely responsible for any mishap. Effectively making a thirty minute task stretch out to three hours.

With this kind of work ethic one might as well stay home and just get the government handout.

Inefficiency creates jobs. Money continues circulating. Taxes are paid. ‘Things’ are purchased, creating more jobs, further circulating the money. That’s this life. That’s money for you. Money is no mans.

Well, apart from all that.

I feel as though we are just waiting for the cushy-public-service-job to end so that we can get back to our baby, the bus and really focus. But there’s another weekend to come down for. More work.

Is it worth it? All this transiting? It really stretches us in all directions. Not that we can’t take it.

I’ve been loving the socialising this fortnight. The bus will heave, like a ship, across our horizon once more and then we can focus all our energies yet again. For now we are in the land of (not so) cold Canberra where there are the warm friends of recent wonderful years. The bus calls us outward and onward to hotter climates and presently unknown friends.

So, in the spirit of enjoying every moment and making every moment part of the adventure of life and life’s lessons, these two weeks spent living out of one small bag of clothes have been eternally worthwhile, and how much so we won’t perhaps know for some time.

I am just so grateful to be living crazy like this with my big dear and my two little dearies. It’s really precious to share ones life with ones children and I just love being with them so much. We laugh a lot together.

La Vita e Bella.

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