So I’ve changed this blog around a little bit, including the title. I’m guessing you’ve noticed!

This blog sprung out of my former website as a photographer.  That photography thing is no longer happening – for so many reasons, not least is the fact that I am no longer going to be in one spot for very long at all for the next couple of years.  So the time for a developing photography business is definitely not now, if ever.

I didn’t agonize over a name, that not being my style. I waited til one made itself known.  And it has. Funny title. Perhaps. But I opened my internal ears to something that described me and my family and particularly me and my family as we will be on this trip, as that is the central motive behind this blog. Something that wasn’t ‘Travelling ’round Australia with my fam’.

And Anyway. It’s true. Collectively we are fairly wild and scruffy, when it comes down to it.  And also, in advocating alternative lifestyles (i.e. less consumerist, less indulgent…etc.), the title seems appropriate. I wouldn’t want to be scared of being a little bit wild and a little bit scruffy, a little bit untamed by modernisation. I really don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

Tip off: to keep with the corporate nature of the title the site address (url) will also be changing in the next couple of weeks – just fyi.

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