Tea Time

Today one of our usual activities: A cup of tea!

Kids at home portraits0001

Gunny helped by ‘stirring’ which I think is code for secretly eating the sugar.

Kids at home portraits0003

Yes Gunny, you’re very cute and it’s hard to be mad at you.

Kids at home portraits0002

Sophia helped by cleaning which isn’t code for anything, she is simply becoming a divine domestic goddess!

Kids at home portraits0005 Kids at home portraits0007

We settled into our couches – which I have rearranged to attempt to shut out all the mess and chaos of moving boxes and Henrys inventions which are currently lying around the house. We have actually never used these couches so much, it’s amazing what a simple rearrangement can do!

Kids at home portraits0006

While they sipped & supped I read them Rapunzel, we are working through a book of fairytales.

Kids at home portraits0008

And Sophia is loving it.  Reading and being read to are some of hers (and mine) favourite activities to do together.

Kids at home portraits0009

Oh yeah, and my dear friend (who is studying Beauty Therapy – lucky me!) came over last night and gave me a pedicure.  I have never been one for nail polish, having never had the knack (or skin tone) for it, but I am enjoying toting these traffic light toe nails around town.



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