Have Bus Will Travel!



Here it is!

Beautiful Big Bedford.  It has come in the nick of time, at the perfect time and is exactly what we were looking for.  After doing over 3000 kms up and down the south east of Australia (from Taree to Melbourne) in the past week we ended up finding our ideal bus only 15 minutes from Henrys familys place, where we have parked it for all the adjustments we will need to make to get it registered and in running order. In the end we did not compromise on any of the essentials that we wanted which were: Fair price, Bedford, Diesel Engine in good condition, sturdy rust-free body, and minimally fitted out – as we would strip it anyway.


We are not kidding ourselves, this is not the end, only the beginning! There is a lot of work to be done, & still lots of research (though we are pretty informed by now!), finally though, action can be taken.  We can begin kitting it out, moving out and moving in.


Apart from repainting the exterior we will also strip the entire interior, except for the framing which divides the main bedroom from the bunk & bathroom area and the kitchen and living area – all of that just so happens to be in the exact spots we were planning on putting them – fancy that!  We are going for a clean and neutral look with all of the inbuilt furnishings; light wood floors, beige walls.  We are thinking textured wallpaper for some feature areas (the curved part of the roof), most of the character will come from rugs within and the adjustable furnishings.  Because it is such a small space it is completely necessary to keep things streamlined, light and bright in there.  We are looking forward to buying our own stove and cooktop, LED Lights, solar panels, installing our own plumbing including a composting toilet and Henry has ideas for a passive solar ‘air conditioner’ he is inventing, and basically being able to alter things to be exactly the way that we want them. What a luxury after six+ years of renting!

It’s a lot of fun to be able to do all this debt free within our budget.  Though home ownership is sometime in the future for us I am trusting that the time to rustle up the money for that will come.  With houses and land so expensive in Australia I feel good about looking outside the box in order to move forward whilst having an adventure at the same time.


Living in a bus will suit our family down to the ground.  I watched my children running and jumping around our bus when we brought it home (‘home’ which is now less about ‘where’ and more about ‘who’), and I thought, ‘this suits my kids perfectly!’, with their wild hair, their boundless energy and inquisitiveness.


Sophia shouted ‘Oolevoir’ (Translation: Au revoir) out the window and we really will be saying that in just a few months.  But not yet. And not here in this space at least.


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