Better Sewing

I guess I could say that one of this years resolutions is to become better at sewing.  For Christmas I bought myself an incredible looking book which has turned out to be extremely educational and fun!


I was drawn to the cover – I mean look at her! Glam.  I really liked how she was a ‘real’ size, well, actually, close to my size.  And actually my actual thought process was:  ‘Oo, I want that dress!’

There are patterns included (thank goodness! – I don’t have to design them all from scratch!), all dresses that I want in my wardrobe, but the main aim of the book is to teach pattern making and altering, couture sewing, and sound skill and confidence in sewing.  I am really enjoying this challenge. The time had come in my life to up the ante on my sewing prowess which was basic and could go a long way but I pretty much fudged my way through everything.  This comes down to my lack of attention to detail, something my husband has been pushing me in.  I could just say ‘this is me’ and refuse to change but I did kind of realise that that would be ‘weak sauce’ as hubby so eloquently puts it.  I want to do things well, I particularly want to sew well.  With a continued leaning toward sustainable produced food and clothing, and with a penchant for natural fibres, hand sewing will be a growing part of my life, I know it.

So, show me the way, Gertie!

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