Buses and Fire

Henry has been out and about on his bike and is currently 10 hours North of us.  He is hunting for a bus.  This is the first stage in our move onto a mobile home and around Australia. It is sort of exciting, but I am not holding my breath, there is much to consider before plunging into a commitment with any bus, I will be excited when the bus is here and we can actually start doing things.

There is a severe shortage of buses in our area, most of them seem to be in Western Australia and Tasmania, with several also in South Australia.  I think most people head around Australia and end up in WA, fall in love with the place and relocate.

So he is forced to widen his search and it is a killer in the heat wave we’ve just had.  Yesterday there were ‘catastrophic fire conditions’ and I was mildly concerned we would be cut off from eachother.  With a cool change the threat has abated.

It is terrible to have to suffer at the hands of nature in such a way.  There is something about the sometimes terrifying struggle with nature that awakes something in our humanity. We are forced small and temporal by its very magnitude.  We realise how our possessions (even our lives) can disappear in a moment of flood or fire or earthquake.  Life gets real. We shake in our skins. Rightly so.

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