Sewing with Soph

One of my Christmas presents to my little girl was a basic sewing kit. I was unsure she would be ready for this, but the packet said 36 months + and so I took the plunge.

Turns out she’s not so ready, but she is ready to learn. So we are using this kit to get her sewing fingers toned and practiced. She is doing well! We do a fraction every day and already over the few days we’ve been going along there is improvement. She is very determined to do it herself which demands a lot of patience from me, but we sit there together every day and I point to where she needs to put the needle and correct her when wrong.  She takes it so long as it is her in control (which I guess is fair enough, it is her learning situation after all, not my own, I am there to help and facilitate not dictate!!)

Here’s our progress:



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