What’s it About?

I have been photographing weddings, people, events, families, products and food for over eight years. For a long time I did these things the way others did them. I studied the usual poses, I made sure didn’t miss any of the essential shots, I learnt the techniques of others and I learned to project my voice for all those far-off and big-group photos. But it wasn’t “me”.

Others are much more gifted than I am at styling a shot, getting people to laugh, casually snapping at wedding guests and appreciating the details of dresses, decorations, favours, flowers – all those little things. I’d rather leave this to them!

I found that what I kept coming back to and what I liked the most was people and the thing I like about people is the soul, the journey, the strength built from suffering, the joy that is earned, the connection between people. This is the ephemeral thing that I have always wanted to capture in a person and I’ve learned (the hard way) that I had to find my own way to bring this to my photography.

My studies in psychology and my research into the philosophies of Martin Buber, particularly his I-Thou approach to relationships informs much of how I attempt to draw each person into their story during our photography session.

I work one-on-one, whether that is capturing one person on (digital) film or capturing one relationship (such as siblings or parent-child). I work hard to find the essence of a person, the strength within, fragility, boldness, openness. Each one brings so much into a portrait session.

I focus on the eyes, the mouth, the chin, the hands to communicate the character. I find the dialogue of one-to-one quite joyful in its quietness. It’s almost meditative. In the end I like to provide just a few options for a client and my hope is that the print will end up treasured for years upon years and into generations.

It’s a noisy, noisy world, full of vast amounts of imagery. This is why I focus on just one and I prefer to bring all of myself to this session so that you will have time for just you. This is your art.

Contact me here to ask more about a portrait session for yourself, a friend, or your nearest and dearest.