The Van Daveys

I love this family. I met Hayley six years ago on top of Mt Panorama in Bathurst when she was registering downhill longboarders, including my hubby and hers, for the ASRA downhill longboarding race down the mountain. They were crazy days. She was so cool, had the best looking mohawk I’d ever seen on anyone ever and was one of those people who can just carry off the loads of jewellery and really awesome clothes look, along with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, while I was still pudgy from having had my first baby six months earlier, just squeezing into all my clothes, hoping the kilos would just fall off, damn it! So I was shy of her, but she was oh so nice and 6 month old Sophia decided Hayley’s jade necklace was her new best toy and was pretty much glued to her whenever she was around, so we became friends and I’m so glad we’ve managed to stay in touch and I’ve been able to watch her and Owen marry and become really awesome parents to two of the most vibrant kids around (that Juniper is a HOOT!). Yes, I love this family and I loved photographing them A LOT! Can’t wait for the next time!

Hayley is also a fabulous artist running under the name Haeli Van Veen, do check out her work. I can’t wait to have the space and the cash to buy one of her beasts down the track.