Botanic Gardens

I love the Botanic Gardens in Canberra, in fact I think they are the National Botanic Gardens. Since the creation of the Red Centre they now have it all. It’s incredible wondering between wildflowers in white sand, misty rainforests down a ravine, the red, red desert with a gigantasaurous thorny devil (not real), the Eucalyptus lawn, the prehistoric woodland, the rock garden with all the many lizards (real). I absolutely love it. These are a few pics from a recent trip. I mainly set out to photograph Soph in an outfit my sister had created. Hannah finished a Fine Arts degree in Textiles recently (her label is Asunta). She’s about to move to Melbourne to begin an intense graphic design course, but she’s made clothes for over a decade now and is really very good at it, I wanted to photograph these clothes before they lost their newness.

I also got to try out a couple of ideas, something I always love doing. I love the idea of photographing people in and around their house, I feel it allows a photograph to tell more of a story if the subject is placed in a context relevant to them.