Lisa & Fred

When I think of Lisa and Fred’s wedding I think of the detail. Lisa put so much of herself into her wedding through each decoration, the flowers (one of my favourites, hydrangeas, simply done but packed with meaning), heartfelt messages, the care she exhibited to her guests such as providing individual fans and an enormous lolly table, I mean, who doesn’t need lollies at a wedding!

I continually find myself re-evaluating wedding photography, the industry just seems so overdone, so pompous sometimes, but the industry is not the individual, and a wedding is a wonderful thing. It is a celebration, the kind of celebration we in the West often forgo in our busy lives. Yes, it is important to celebrate LOVE (love is one of the best things we have got going down here!), it is equally important to invest some time and money into showing other people how much we care about them and it is not an extravagance to indulge each other on these occasions. Okay, often it is an extravagance, but it should be! That’s the point. We should spoil each other, we should go out of our way to get creative with these events, we should throw a party for other people, and that’s the vibe I got from this wedding. Love was indulged in and it came through in the detail, in each hug and touch, each paper pom-pom, each lolly bag. It made me love weddings yet again.

Thanks, Lisa and Fred for letting me be a part of your big day. I won’t forget it! xx