Luke & Kersti #2

I feel like I caught the last of the Spring weather with these guys. This day was still bloody hot, but we went out late, when the air was still Spring-ish, to catch the golden light. The grass was still green and the trees still fresh, which is not how it is as I post this!

What lovebirds! I didn’t have to do much directing, they had eyes only for each other as it was! Such a delight to be around these two.

Thanks, lovely Keren, for helping me out.

Location Scouting with Lisa Scope

Lisa Scope, a working Film Location Manager, was brought out to the Riverina district (where I happen to be living currently) by the Riverina Arts Council. At the last minute I was able to participate and I’m glad I did, even though my main motivation might have been to meet other creatives working with photography/film in the area, the bonus of learning to think like a location scout and meet a working professional in the industry was also illuminating! Having never thought of the prospect of this career, there is something in it that appeals to me. I quite like driving for one, I love buildings and architecture (such things were the subject of passionate debate growing up, with a Finnish artist/carpenter as a father it was hard not to talk about craftsmanship around the dinner table) and having the opportunity to stickybeak into all sorts of divine dwellings would be a dream! Of course there are others aspects to being a Film Location Manager, but on this day we were mostly being trained to see things from a film-makers point of view rather than a photographer’s point of view. It’s all about information folks, visual information that allows you to ‘see’ the location in detail. This equals a lot of photos. I won’t show you all 300 I took on the day, but here are a few of the landscape and architecture around Harden and Cootamundra. I’ve often driven through Harden wishing I could take the time to stop and capture some of the incredible Art Deco architecture in the area, now I finally have! (Also, very little editing as it’s not about photographic artistry, rather about coverage!) Film Location Scout Workshop005 Film Location Scout Workshop006 Film Location Scout Workshop007 Film Location Scout Workshop008 Film Location Scout Workshop011 Film Location Scout Workshop012 Film Location Scout Workshop013 Film Location Scout Workshop014 Film Location Scout Workshop015 Film Location Scout Workshop017 Film Location Scout Workshop018 Film Location Scout Workshop019 Film Location Scout Workshop020 Film Location Scout Workshop021 Film Location Scout Workshop022 Film Location Scout Workshop024 Film Location Scout Workshop025 Film Location Scout Workshop026 Film Location Scout Workshop028 Film Location Scout Workshop001 Film Location Scout Workshop003

Building a Chicken Coop

In order to manage a little procrastination on our bus we have filled our time with lovely home projects. One day Henry picked up the tools, found some wood and managed to build for less than $10 a chicken coop which is quite cosy, well insulated and ventilated, easy to clean and barely portable.

Our neighbour, who is very friendly (everyone seems to know eachother on this street, and there are some characters…including us perhaps…but they are all quite lovely), had a connection who had a few henpecked chickens which needed a new home and so we adopted these. They are a little flighty, but not aggressive, this could have something to do with their breed, the Anacona.

Our friends in Canberra also passed on two little bantams, who are just the sweetest and cutest and very friendly with the tiniest of “crawcks” and a Chinese Fighting Bird which sounded very exotic and dangerous to me, but turns out it’s just a tough little chook with great thighs, a meaty little thing (but not for meat just yet, we’ll see how we go with that one!).

I don’t really have an instructional post here, but our coop may give you some ideas.

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