The Veikkanen’s

There’s a lot to love about family photography, one thing is capturing the love and relationship that has deepened and developed since a couple’s wedding day (speaking photographically from wedding to families and so on) and the other is the chance to take a family on a rumpus through the woods. The reality is that it’s really a chance for the kids to lead and they take us adults into the best of places. If you’re prepared to crawl and perhaps get a little muddy then it’s worth it in the end, if only for the memories! We had a lot of fun and mucking around with these kids was awesome.

It Starts with Enid Blyton

Another *new* “series”. I’ve finally started reading the bigger books to the children. I attempted to do this earlier, but Gunther’s attention span was not quite up to it. We have been living without a TV fairly consistently¬†lately,¬†it’s probably been out a total of three times over this past month, so our new family tradition has been to read these books aloud together. Sophia reads us her home readers (her reading is improving leaps and bounds, I hardly need to read the books to her first) and I read a chapter of our big book and maybe a couple of smaller books.

I am faced with a bit of a booky dilemma. I have far too many. A clear out is (again) definitely in order. These things are so hard, but I am feeling the need (again) to be more unencumbered by stuff and will (again) have to watch our stuff intake so that we inadvertently accumulate more before we head off on our round-Australia trip which is still very much on the cards.

And…actually…I can’t wait. My desire is to get out into this wide land faced only with nature alongside only my two children and my husband. I am a real family girl and, at the moment, this is all I crave!

The books!

Enchanted Wood Enid BlytonWe started with The Enchanted Wood which is actually the first in Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree series. I thought this would be a good one to test the waters with Gunny’s attention span. There are beautiful illustrations, but not too many, at least one a spread, but the length of the chapters helped to stretch Gunther a little and he is doing well with the books we have now moved on to. Miss Enid definitely wrote for children. Some of the language I found a little tedious to read through, a lot of unnecessary detail (and the language slightly archaic) but the children latched onto each word and I think it really helped them to ‘see’ the pictures in their heads.

Moonface's house Moonface & SilkieNext we read The Adventures of Binkle and Flip, another Enid Blyton classic.

Books (4 of 5)They are two ‘naughty’ bunnies, who always get into mischief, but are well meaning and quite harmless. I like how Enid Blyton managed to create naughty characters who children could relate to without painting them as totally dark, but instead a mixture of clever, silly, dumb, inconsiderate, mischievous, loving, caring, helpful, bored etc. I really enjoyed reading this to the kids, but by the end was ready to head out of Enid Blyton’s ideal, imagined, rather fluffy world, into something slightly more real.

We are currently into the Swiss Family Robinson and I’ll report back once we’re done. I am so far loving the language, though occasionally it is a bit too mature for the children to grab onto, still they listen and remember the story line, which I quiz them on every now and then.

In the Garden #2

A few shoots pushing up. This stuff is quite magical. There’s no other way to see it. Really, it is utterly incredible that a tiny seed contains the energy and dna and activators to create a whole other plant, fruits and thousands more seed.

Plants (1 of 1) Plants (1 of 2) Plants (2 of 2)

The McIntosh Family

This family was just so fun and amazing to photograph. I was able to play with a few different ideas and they happily went along. In the end it was hard to drag myself away on a relaxing Saturday morning, and they kept trying to feed me, but taking the time was worth it as I ended up with some images which are now some of my very favourites!

If you book a newborn shoot with me this is very much what it will end up being like, in your own home with lots of interaction among the family. I love this, it’s the way it’s done around here!