The Veikkanen’s

There’s a lot to love about family photography, one thing is capturing the love and relationship that has deepened and developed since a couple’s wedding day (speaking photographically from wedding to families and so on) and the other is the chance to take a family on a rumpus through the woods. The reality is that it’s really a chance for the kids to lead and they take us adults into the best of places. If you’re prepared to crawl and perhaps get a little muddy then it’s worth it in the end, if only for the memories! We had a lot of fun and mucking around with these kids was awesome.


The McIntosh Family

This family was just so fun and amazing to photograph. I was able to play with a few different ideas and they happily went along. In the end it was hard to drag myself away on a relaxing Saturday morning, and they kept trying to feed me, but taking the time was worth it as I ended up with some images which are now some of my very favourites!

If you book a newborn shoot with me this is very much what it will end up being like, in your own home with lots of interaction among the family. I love this, it’s the way it’s done around here!