First Day of School

It took me a while to make the decision to send Sophia to school. I mulled over maturity issues and listening and obedience issues, I thought about her learning ability, about how clever she is, I decided yes then no then finally and definitively, yes again.  When she spelt out my brother-in-laws name all by herself and wrote it down for him E-L-E-I-T (Elliot) I knew I had to send her. She was ready. That other stuff would have to work itself out.

Since that time at Christmas the enrollment process was a breeze, the teachers and admin staff all delightful and we found the right school for us.  Funnily enough she is in the same classroom that Henry was in as a Kindergartener.  Twenty-four years ago to the day Sophia walked up the same steps Henry walked up as a 5 year old, on his birthday.

We got her dressed and I packed as nutritious and exciting a lunchbox as I could think of. Gluten-free school lunches are a bit tricky. She had salmon, cucumber, carrot and mayonnaise rice paper rolls, seeds and dried fruit, a peach, cheese cubes and for recess natural yoghurt and berries.


Here she is, ready to take on the school.


And up those steps to her classroom. Good luck my big girl!


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