Tiny House People

I stumbled across this film a couple of months ago and then this film today. Both of these creative endeavours made me proud to be (almost) able to call myself a tiny house person.

My favourite person was the girl at around 13 minutes along in the second film by Kirsten Dirksen. I loved her adaptability, her approach to her lifestyle, her creative storage and her use of a chamber pot! I love that she built it herself, and sourced her material from the tip.

I am anticipating the onset of tiny house living for several reasons:

  • simplicity (not crowding our lives with stuff)
  • simplicity (not filling our time with sorting/cleaning large spaces or large amounts of stuff)
  • simplicity (not having to worry about or think about or chase after money)
  • Quality over quantity. We have fewer, but higher quality items and fittings around our home, this makes us feel good. We are able to support ethical & often local companies.
  • Adventure. We are not forced into a lifestyle of 9-5 work to pay off a mortgage or even have to save for an overpriced home (the honest truth is that housing and land these days is excessively, unnecessarily expensive – it’s not worth getting into debt over.)
  • Autonomy. We can move as we wish, live as we wish. There are expenses along the road, but they are far less than rent etc.
  • By far, though, the greatest benefit to living small is being able to be together, because of all the above reasons and also because the smallness of the space forces us together. It’s nice.

Currently we are struggling a little bit. We are just over half way through our bus build and while each step excites us there is still a lot of building to go. We are tossing up our living arrangements, unsure whether to move into a rental as there is uncertainty about how long this project will take. Sophia will/might be going to school this year and so plans are all ambiguous.

I am not someone unwelcome to changing plans, I am liable to toss a project in the air if it is ‘not working’, I guess it is harder for me to persist and while I am determined to persist with building our bus (there is no other option there) I am just investigating the different ways we could reach the end goal…all in one piece.

We will see what we will see.


3 thoughts on “Tiny House People

  1. Wow. I can’t tell you how much I needed to read this post. I’m running out the door for a day of sitting in the edit suite, but it has hit a very resonant chord with me. I will be watching these films later and musing on my situation. This speaks to all of us finding contentment with what we have, not striving for the bigger and better. When is enough, enough? This is the stuff that can bring us peace and an end to the striving. Please continue to write some more on this… Love it and thank you.

  2. The films are great. I can’t often sit through a youtube documentary, but this one was easy peasy. I’m looking forward to the Tiny House Film coming out – they are crowdfunding on Pozible at the moment, so hopefully it wont’ be long.
    This journey continues to be one of a growing awareness, for me not really an epochal change, but definitely a change in thinking. The thing is it’s a continual battle to resist everything that our environments are saturated with: owning big houses, having more stuff, having better stuff, having a gadget for every purpose, having many clothes for different purposes. I op shop, so that makes me feel better about that, but I could definitely pare back my wardrobe for one! I might do a few posts on this in the future (as we are downsizing anyway) – it will be a personal challenge for me too! Thanks. :)

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