Bus mileage

So, these photos are actually a little old – 23rd October to be precise.  I’ve been meaning to go out to the bus and take some photos, but the many little jobs to be done and the extreme heat keep getting to me and slowing me down.

This should act as a a bit of motivation!

Bus Bathroom001So here we see the cage that is our bathroom wall, Henry is squeezing expanding foam into the cavity so that (hopefully) the bus will be as cool as we possibly can make it.

Bus Bathroom002He is standing in the shower receptacle and in front of him here is the frame for the shower wall. In the middle of the bus you can see the door which we had to build ourselves (we built three of these – from scratch – in total out of Aluminum framing, Alucowell, glue and insulation foam), it has already been hung here, while the walls have not even been built! Gee – I wish you could see it now, though! ….

Bus Bathroom003

And the wall is now on! Heaps of sikaflex to hold it. This was only the beginning – the roof was made from the same stuff and was a pain to both bend and put into place. And then of course we had the rest of the walls to put in.

Bus Bathroom005

And here is wall red and behind it you can see wall mirror and only just, just you can see the edge of the roof.

It all looks so different now, it’s actually pretty exiting to see these and realise that we actually have come a long way. Bits of the bus are actually starting to look brand, spanking new, slowly it is all coming together!


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