Secret Spot

It could be cruel to do this, show you somewhere so beautiful and not disclose the location.

There is a reason though, and it is because so many beautiful and pristine spots have been ruined by tourism.  There are many places which encourage tourism, places which are set up for it and where the road leads right to the door.

This place is off the beaten track, actually it is over a rather undulating, rough-as-guts track and then quite a walk from the car kind of track. The kind of track that requires scrambling over boulders and hitching up ones skirts.

But the setting is tranquil and the air is clean and the sounds are bush sounds and that’s as it should remain.

I bet, if you went searching you could find places like this in your own back yard.  Some places should belong to the locals. Living locally means knowing your own place inside out.

This place is local to me now and here it is.

We needed this day, to break from the bus which is often a frustrating project, and to soak in the sun like lizards and to enjoy life together as a family. It was beautiful in many ways and we plan to go back.

Waterfall0001 Waterfall0002 Waterfall0003 Waterfall0004 Waterfall0005 Waterfall0006 Waterfall0007 Waterfall0008 Waterfall0009 Waterfall0010 Waterfall0011

Waterfall0025 Waterfall0012 Waterfall0013 Waterfall0014 Waterfall0015 Waterfall0016 Waterfall0017 Waterfall0018 Waterfall0019 Waterfall0020 Waterfall0021 Waterfall0022 Waterfall0023

And here’s a bonus shot of …the sky…  In our old ages we plan to become a bird-watcher and astronomer respectively, when we have bussed around Australia we will sail around the world and Henry will have the night shift so that he can watch the stars and I will have the day shift so that I can watch the birds…if there are any.

Hm, anyway.Waterfall0026


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