Making time

Coming back every now and then has its drawbacks.  While the commute is not too far for a few days stay it is too far for a day trip and I am finding unwelcome limitations to our time spent here.  The most major is the effect it has on relationships.  We have been here for five days and have seen three groups of very important people, some family and a treasured Great-Nonna, have bumped into a couple of good people unexpectedly, one of whom I especially wanted to see but did not have the time to schedule something with and have also managed to squeeze in a date and visit the markets, the likes of which are not seen in Young.

But there is still a long list of people remaining unseen. People who will remain unseen until our next visit in a month, at least.

It is more than frustrating.

I am trying to come up with good solutions.  These people this visit. Those people the next. Keep it rotating and fresh. But it’s not possible to be fair to all, and if people fall through the cracks of a tight schedule one just has to let go.

We also didn’t manage to visit Tidbinbilla, something I was ever so keen to do.

It’s a lesson in life, isn’t it.  We are limited creatures living in limited time in a limited space.

I guess I’ll just have to put up with that.


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