Change of View

“The Ottawa Conference was one more expression of the growing consensus…that not simply this or that part of the present global development pattern needs to be corrected, but that the entire model of modern industrial development is seriously awry. Not only the economic values of competition and consumption but the expectation of unlimited material growth; not only the prevalence of technology but the view of the world as a machine; not only the hierarchies of power, wealth, status, or sex but the idea of hierarchy itself; not only the dichotomy of resource conservation versus ecocentrism, conservation versus development, humanity versus nature, theory versus practice, intrinsic versus extrinsic values but the need to think in dichotomies at all. In other words, the basic world view or image of social and cosmic reality in terms of which scientific, moral, political, and most other questions have been asked and answered since the beginning of the modern industrial era is being questioned….

…the failure of modern society is primarily experienced as a failure to provide a fulfilling and sustainable way of life, a good life, for all.”

J Ronald Engel & Joan Gibb Engel, Environment and Development.

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