Bus Update

I know so many of you want to know how progress on our bus is going and although we are taking bets on when she will actually be ready, I will have you know: things are coming together and we may yet surprise you all…and ourselves.

Here is the children’s playground of choice while Henry and I work.  I like having them so near to us while we work and I try to involve them when I can, but when the job involves toxic fumes or power tools then it’s definitely a no-no to even think it.

Bus Update0001 Bus Update0002

A big job, which took me all of a day to do, was to get into every crevice and vacuum up the accumulated dust of 35 years.  It was only slightly rewarding as most things looked the same after the vacuum. Bus Update0003Bus Update0004

Bus Update0008

This has been a time of firsts, first time angle grinding, first time using a table saw, first time drilling, first time belt sanding, first time using that paint chiselling power tool thingummyjig and first time using a rivet gun.  Using the rivet gun was rather fun and I now know how rivets work – never knew that before – I likened it to craft, but the boys did not like that at all.

Here below is our fantastic insulation and my(then Henrys takeover) job of riveting a panel BACK ON, no way, we are up to that stage! eee.Bus Update0005 Bus Update0006

Bus Update0007

My main activity over the past week has been bogging, sanding, vacuuming the floor and then rebogging, resanding, revacuuming the floor. Bus Update0009 Bus Update0010

But, in the end all those patches turned into one large patch of white. A clean slate. That floor is now ready to build onto.

Bus Update0027

For the moment my driving ‘cab’ now looks like this:

Bus Update0011

But, be not deceived, this is actual partial progress.  Even though this looks worse than it did it is actually better off as it is being improved.

We are now focusing on the roof, here is our ladder to the sky:Bus Update0013

Henry’s plans, being sketched out on roof paint, and it did not take him long. In less than a day he designed, drew up and pieced together our decking base. A few days later his mate welded it, and but for a coat of paint on the roof they are ready for installation!Bus Update0014

Bus Update0042

Here are the draws to our bed. Just a’waiting.Bus Update0015

Have you ever seen a country home basement?


Forget Country Style, Real Living or Vogue. This is the real deal:Bus Update0016 Bus Update0017

That is one practical, lived in, full of ‘stuff’ basement.

Dear Aunty Glenda had a home day today and she and the kids curled up and got cosy. Bus Update0019 Bus Update0020 Bus Update0021

Why so engrossed?   Bus Update0024

Oh, the one and only of course!  They went on their very own ‘Dora’ explore. Glenda drew up a map which even had the Dora formula of three locations: Home. Creek. Park!  It was brilliant. Then I joined them and we all went on this explore together. Mid way I asked: ‘Where do we go next?’ and this is when I discovered this map. ‘Wait a minute,’ said Sophia so matter-of-factly, ‘I will just look at our map.’ And so she did and next we had to go over the creek. Which we did. Then we found the creaky, squeaky park and had a play. The kids have been missing our next-door park which we had in Sutton. We were there every evening during Summer, so it’s a big deal not to have one here.  Not that there is any lack of fun to be had around these parts.

Finally, today and tomorrow we are doing roof work.  We are hoping to get all of this done by about midday tomorrow because…Bus Update0028 Bus Update0029 Bus Update0030 Bus Update0031

…these babies arrived today!Bus Update0032 Bus Update0033  Bus Update0035 Bus Update0036

Finally! We are a proud Solar Owning Family. It actually feels really good to own our very own power generators. It feels amazing.  We were the Computer Generation.  Our kids are the Renewable Energy Generation! That is absolutely wonderful.Bus Update0038

(a bit squinty, the sun was shining right into our eyes, and right onto those panels, just where we want it.)Bus Update0039 Bus Update0040 Bus Update0041


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