Chinamans Dam

Chinamans Dam in Young, NSW is a quietly glowing sapphire on the Southern outskirts of the town.  It is very close to where we are living at the moment.

As hubby is back in Canberra for the weekend the kids and I took a lazy Saturday morning picnic at the dam, fed the ducks, took some photos and paddled in the water.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThis lion bears scars wrought by young Henry. That lower tooth is a falsie. I’m not sure how but somehow young Henry destroyed the original…! Image

Over the bridge into the heart of the garden is where the real magic happens. Bridges, waterfalls, boulders, they even managed a Japanesey type balancing rock structure in the middle of their little pond.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Winding paths lead to many intricate surprises.  The garden is compact, but cleverly laid out, some leading to the tops of small waterfalls, others right to the waters edge, there are stone seats all along the way, and Miss Imp and Master Dashing were constantly delighted.ImageImage

I really appreciated the layering of a variety of textures of leaf, bark, berries. Garden design is very similar to interior design (though, not so trendy), colour, texture, layout, it all plays a part.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Here’s a picture of a man with a mo to keep you happy.Image

And the girl with imp eyes.Image



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