Today I used an Angle Grinder

I have never been one for power tools. 

But today I used an angle grinder.

There was a sanding job to do and so, like a woman, I pulled up my socks, sucked it up and got on with it.  This is my building education, my exercise regime and my day job (in between my other day job of being a mum and my other part-time job of being a wife).

We are back in Young and slowly (oh, so, painfully slowly!) we are getting it stripped back and fit out. <sigh>



These photos are from the last time we were here in Young, little has changed from the last picture.  There is incredibly more dust (from sanding) and there is now a large hole in the floor where the shower will be and the bed frame is nearly ready to go in.  My MIL said today ‘There’s one thing worse than women talking – and that’s men talking!’ And it is oh, so, frustratingly true!

Please excuse Henrys lackadaisical approach to OH&S…at least there were no children around…Gee Whiz.


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