Vacuum Packing

Sorry for the long and dreary absence.  I am currently vacuum packing and wandering around wondering what on earth we are taking, tossing or passing on!

Good news on the bus front, it’s all stripped and plans are underway (and almost finalised) for the big transformation.  I tell you what, the bus is a gleaming, spaceship of design in my mind, so let’s just hope the transition from brains to brawn is seamless.  I have faith in hubby who is very (really, actually, very) clever and has over-thought this to the max, explored practically every single option available and almost knows where every single bolt and screw will be positioned.

We spent a week stripping the dear thing, chiseling away at decades old lino and crumbling, acrylic 70s carpet.  Sweaty, covered in itchy, plastic fibres, we finally completed it, sketched out the outline of our home on the plywood floor and started to see the full picture (which changed a number of times).  I actually really enjoyed this and it might have birthed a new passion: Renovating and perhaps also: Restoring.  I love ‘brainless’ physical work as busy hands free up the brain to daydream distractedly – one of my favourite past times! I have also found that I enjoy talking and spending time with people while doing something useful together. I seem to talk and listen more freely.

That is why there’s been little action here, all the action has taken place in rural NSW on our hot little (rather big, actually) bus.

Pics to come.


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