Christmas Break

Still indulging in a relaxing, cosy Christmas time.

Things have started happening for us. I have my Truck License (so I can drive our bus around Australia).  I have been accepted into University to study Sustainable Development (by correspondence of course) – so am busy confirming, enrolling in units and organising my life so I am ready to do it come term beginning!

My friend and I have been getting into Henna tattoos and I am going a little bit crazy for them.  It’s a lot of fun and our plan is to take it with us around Australia, maybe set up some festival stalls around it – who knows.  Also am felting a bit and making some necklaces (felt is my textile passion) which is a whole lot of fun. Learning new piano pieces. Cooking lots of vego…

Me in a nutshell. Of course there’s so much more.

I was so proud of Sophia when she put some letters (sounds/phonics) together to make words. She is starting to recognise them of her own accord and I can really tell it’s all coming together in her clever little head.  It gives me enough encouragement to keep on going with her reading & writing.  We went on a coffee date yesterday and did some spelling together. Going on coffee dates is my favourite thing to do with her.

More later – perhaps some henna pics.



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