Drip Drip

It’s been raining here, a non event most seem to think, but rainy days are my favourite days, freezing cold mornings only just slightly win over the rainy ones. I hate the heat of summer and I have sensitive eyes so the summer brightness kills me.  I am the opposite to most people.

What would we do without the rain?  My plants would survive, but not thrive, our water tank would never fill, the dust would never settle.  Rain is severly underated out there (like when the weather man says ‘another beautiful day out there today’, referring to the sunshine and ‘more miserable weather heading our way’ referring to the wet.), it seems it takes a minor miracle like the breaking of a seven year drought to make us Southern Australians appreciate the rain (unless one were a farmer and then I imagine you’d value the rain for what it really is).

No, rain is reassuring.  In this day of Climate Change (which is very real, I was a sceptic, but now am not) the rain brings reassurance to me. Things are changing, but (for now) they are still living.

Last night it was music to my ears to hear the soft & steady rain pattering onto the roof, flowing through the gutters & pouring into our rain water tanks with a gentle gurgle. That’s life, that’s beauty, that’s peace in the present moment.

I love nothing more than nature. I really do.


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