I took my sister-in-law out the other day and took some photos of her.  I tell you, I am really in love with portraiture. I love helping another woman to feel beautiful. I know what it’s like to be on the wrong end of an unflattering photo and so I guess I really love that I have the capabilities of finding and then bringing that inner beauty out through photography and then being able to show that person how beautiful they are! I love that.

Some of my favourite shoots have been one-on-one with a gorgeous friend, I am learning how to direct models, it’s not something I’m naturally good at and so: practice makes perfect!

I also used these and other photos as impetus to set up a bit of a website. I’m taking tentative steps toward growing this, but I wanted somewhere that was specifically for my photography. I feel that I am finally getting good enough to start billing myself as a ‘photographer’ and it’s funny how that drive has slowly grown from my first response to a new baby, a big fat pregnant woman, families and special occasions being ‘can I come and take some photos?’ to getting so obsessed with getting that shot right that I forget about myself and how silly I might look and I just get in there.

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