On Mother’s Day this year, Sunday 10th, I will be offering formal portrait sessions for you and your Mum!

The sessions will be held at a location in the heart of Young and run back-to-back which, happily, will reduce the cost for you!

These portraits are unlike anything else displayed on my website, they are new-for-me too, though I have much experience in posing people  out in the field. :)

The only condition is that all portraits will be able to to used by me on my website for portfolio purposes.

What you need to know:

  • Cost: $40 per session
  • Time: 15mins per session
  • Who: You, your mum, your children, your husband. You decide, but the smaller the number the more effective the portrait.
  • What you get: Mum gets a portrait, you get a portrait with your mum (or all the kids + mum) and you get a posed family portrait. You will be given your portraits (between 3 – 5 photos) on CD for self-printing.
  • Bring: Nice clothes, do your hair, make up, I will do the rest!
  • Note: all photos will be available to me to use on my website.

Hope to see you there!