Dan & Emily

I’m more than excited to be photographing Dan & Emily’s farm wedding later this year in Young, NSW. They are naturals in front of the camera as I discovered, and it was great to take some engagement photos of them last week. I can’t recommend engagement photos highly enough, it really helps you both to relax in front of the camera and helps me to see how you photograph, everyone is different and putting people in front of a lens can lead to surprising results sometimes. If I can understand how you and the camera gel then I can get the best results from your wedding photos. I had nothing to worry about with these guys, however, perfectly at home and beautifully photogenic they worked that camera! I was so glad to shoot here too, I’ve been wanting to use this palette of natural, muted shades for a long time and with the perfect spot, the perfect couple and the perfect opportunity I love how it all came together!

Luke & Kersti #2

I feel like I caught the last of the Spring weather with these guys. This day was still bloody hot, but we went out late, when the air was still Spring-ish, to catch the golden light. The grass was still green and the trees still fresh, which is not how it is as I post this!

What lovebirds! I didn’t have to do much directing, they had eyes only for each other as it was! Such a delight to be around these two.

Thanks, lovely Keren, for helping me out.

Luke & Kersti #1

It’s taken me a little while to post these. This day I was really thrilled and also super disappointed. You’ll see why.

We were invited to Henry’s past flatmate’s engagement party. We hadn’t met Kersti, but by all accounts she was pretty swell so we were really glad to be going. The band was going to play and they all had to get well before 6.30pm or something. Henry was working that day and I arrived with the kids to pick him up at 4.30pm…but the gig dragged on…and on. This is fairly typical for the entertainment industry.

Henry’s band mate called him to hassle him about getting there…uuh, not gonna happen, sorry. I can’t remember what time we were finally on the road but at about 6.30pm we got a text: “It’s a surprise wedding! Hurry!” Or something along those lines. Henry and I spent the next ten minutes cursing the gods of late gigs and disorganisation until we arrived at one of the most amazing houses we’ve ever been in, built from scratch many years ago, in the hills around Canberra, which are a mostly undiscovered treasure.

Despite the fact that we missed the wedding! (Mega disappointment) we partied on and were the last to leave. It kind of blew my mind, the number of people there who I hadn’t seen for too, too long. I madly tried to catch up with everyone and meanwhile took a few snaps. I also dragged bride and groom aside and took some photos on the jetty. (Thanks for obliging me you guys!)

Super photogenic people + beautiful setting, you can’t really go wrong, can you?

Stay tuned because I’ll be doing a photoshoot with these guys soon. I can’t wait!