Birth and Beyond

Birth and Beyond

Birth! I respect the birthing process immensely. The fact that we have the privilege of carrying and bringing a new life into the world is magnificent. I remember vividly the way I changed as a woman through each of my pregnancies, the softening, the increased emotional sensitivity. To me pregnancy and those early days of new-motherhood are an inexplicable spiritual experience, rare to find in this modern world of ours and I treasure the experience highly.

As such you will find that I work very quietly and unobtrusively. If you wish to capture it on camera then I can take care of that for you while your partner, doula or midwife focus on you and your baby.

I will be available for you for when you go into labour. I also have back up photographers if I am unable to make it on the day.

I will also hang around to do the meeting and greeting of grandparents or siblings or come back the next day to do this, this part usually takes about 30 minutes and I can stay in the background or do posed photos if you request it of me at the time. I will disappear with a quiet goodbye when my work is done, leaving you to enjoy your little miracle.

The Birth and Beyond  package costs $950, shooting time will cover up to 4 hours, plus the 30 minutes of meeting and greeting! It includes  my time editing the photos in post production and  JPEG images of all snaps in a format that is universally printable.