Creatures of Place

I’d just like to share here a beautiful little video of a beautiful family who live in Daylesford, VIC. Some of you may know of them, and I hope that that is the case. I have been following their story for some time and been inspired to change my own life a step at a time along the way as I can.

Somewhere on their blog I read that each major economic investment they made into their house and lifestyle was to enable them to be further independent of the industrial system.

It can really be a struggle to know how to deal with living within a system that you see problems with, particularly when you see it actually compromising the things that you value – and that are clearly vital to existence as we know it – I am speaking of course of our one planet home, but also of the bonds of community which certainly are compromised when a competitive, fiscally oriented system is dominant.

I see a lot wrong with that. One absolutely legitimate response is to live another way and that is the way that Artist As Family demonstrate. Personally, I am torn between wanting to “work for good” (if that is even possible) within the current economic system and pulling out and living more self-sufficiently or, ideally, communally sufficiently.

It is important for me to remember that the reason to live in any way really is because it “fills us with joy.” I know that I could not live with joy if I compromised on the value that I place on the life of the ecosystem which supports us. While there are many ways to go about this, this one here is definitely appealing…but more than that, it is educative. I don’t think we should ever lose sight of the fact that people can live quite differently to how we assume they can or should or would live. To me that is quite a dangerous position. I think it is good that people have the ability and the “permission” to live outside our economic system in a healthy, functioning way.