Growing roots on Canberra’s mountains

Canberra’s mountains are only hills by anyone’s standard, still we regularly hike up “Mount” Majura, “Mount” Ainslie and Black “Mountain”, so say what you will. Someone else called it that.

Hiking up a hill with our children is one of the funnest things to do as a family. It is also pretty ecologically happy, providing we don’t commute too far to the place of embarking. Even when it is a bit of a drive – say down into Canberra’s National Park area, Namadji – it seems to be worth it for the love of nature it is, hopefully, instilling in the kids and continuing to foster in us.

Hiking one’s own hills is an important part of growing roots, something that is continuing to grow my own thinking around “Connection to Country” and what this means for us today.

While my own childhood was spent frequenting the hill behind my parent’s house – and it is still a place I could walk around during the night with ease, in fact I used to do that – our children tend to climb the peaks that are the closest to us. They already know ‘the bandaid plant’ thanks to an excellent bush tucker tour they attended through their school and we explore other varieties of plant and fungus which pop up along the way. It all excites me and I love sharing this love with my children and seeing them get fired up about it as well.

As a bit of a change, I thought I’d share some pictures from a recent traipse up Mount Majura.